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CA NJ 5000 Fiber Bat


CA NJ 5000 with 45mm sweet spot for hard hitting. Best suited for indoor and tape ball cricket. 100% Original and Branded Product.


CA RUSTAM (Tape Ball Bat)

 2,150.00  1,750.00

Full cane Handle with three layers of rubber sheet, Made of popular willow, , Thick edges and light weight, Ideal for tournaments, Double colored grip.



CA Vision 12000

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Special Tape Ball Bat. Made of light weight, superior poplar wood.

Powered by 45mm huge edge and big sweet spot for forceful hitting. Good pickup and balance. Four piece full cane handle with three springs.

Provided with toe guard and quality grip.

Comes with a Separate Bat Cover


HS Chapti Handle

Rated 5.00 out of 5
 550.00  400.00

Big Swell, Concaved Back Profile, Flatter Toe Design,Pronounced Spine Profile,Substantial Edges At Drive Zone, Excellent Balance And RIPPLE Grip!


Ihsan Sports Phantom Tape Ball Bat

 1,500.00  999.00

Brand: Ihsan Sports Tape Ball Bat Light Weight High Quality Wood Good pick up Handle: Half Three Piece Handle Cane


Pack of Ihsan Ball X-59 + CA NJ-5000


Pack of 4 – Ihsan X-59 Ball + Red CA Fiber Bat NJ – 5000